Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If I Were President...

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Peter Drucker
In the Sunday, September 11th Parade magazine citizens and celebrities were asked to finish the statement-"If I were President..." (I vote Denzel Washington's answer the best).

If I were President,  it is no surprise that I would work on quality early childhood education for all. We are working on making that a reality for our community and today is a great day to share our vision statement and core values.  The process for our growth is slow and I often feel like I am playing the childhood game of 'Mother May I?" and only allowed to take baby steps.  I have learned  that each time MCP takes a step forward, we are getting closer to the finish line.  Slow but steady wins the race!

Our vision...
Metamora Community Preschool’s  vision is that all children in the Metamora area should receive quality early childhood education.  Our goal is that a quality preschool experience will be available to all children in Metamora and surrounding communities.  

Our values...
1.   Love each child and family who enters MCP by making them feel important with an environment that is warm, loving and inviting.
2.   Love, inspire and transform children and families.
3.   Love our school by doing more with less.
4.   Love our school by being determined, passionate and humble.
5.   Laugh by creating a fun and comfortable environment for children, families and staff.
6.   Laugh by encouraging children and staff to be creative, adventurous and open to new ideas.
7.   Learn by providing quality education through creative and challenging experiences.
8.   Learn by pursuing ongoing growth and education and discovering new ways to advance quality early childhood education programs in our community.
9.   Learn by building open and honest relationships with a wide variety of communication tools.
10.Learn by working together and partnering with local
    organizations to create a better community for all.

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