Friday, November 18, 2016

The Importance of Good Manners

What we need in the world is manners... I think that if instead of
preaching brotherly love, we preached good manners,
we might a get a little further.  
Eleanor Roosevelt  
"My Day"  
February 17, 1938

Imagine fifteen hungry preschoolers.   Now, get their hands washed, seat them at a table, feed them a snack and keep everyone happy.  Snack time is a busy time at school but it is also a teaching opportunity.  We focus on good table manners at our snack time and that is an important life-long lesson.

The children must wait until everyone is served and we say a short prayer before they can eat.  This is really hard at first but now the children understand they must wait for their friends.  We thank our friend who brought the snack. We ask the children to keep seated in their chair with their knees under the table.  The children say 'Please' and 'Thank you' when their snack and drink is served.  They are learning patience.  They now know there are fifteen hungry children and only two teachers getting everyone snack.

The children are encouraged to talk with their friends at the table.  When they are finished, they must remain seated until everyone is finished and we clean up.  They wait for our 'garbage' helper and throw away their trash before leaving the table. Good manners are taught, encouraged and praised. Showing good manners is showing brotherly love.

The holidays are great time to encourage and reinforce your child's good manners. For more information--- and thank you!

More info on why manners are important---

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