Thursday, December 8, 2016

Candy Canes 2016

Our MWF classes have been enjoying some sweet activities with candy canes.  We looked at candy canes and saw how they were the same and different (ask your child).  Candy canes are red & white, have stripes, are sweet, have a pattern, are hard and will break.  Candy canes are sticky and covered in a wrapper.  Candy canes look like the letter 'J' and have a minty smell. The candy canes were not all alike.  Some candy canes were big and some were little.  The patterns were also different.   We also had peppermint sticks and ribbon candy.  Ask your child what they look like.

We made candy cane ornaments (We put the pom poms in a storage bag with a little mint extract, shook them all up and dried them out before gluing)

We added mint extract and glitter to finger paint!  Sweet!
Enjoy the holidays and a candy cane or two with your child!

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