Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Each fall, we have a lot of fun with our pumpkin unit in our TTH class. Many of the activities we do every year. Check out the October 2009 blog

Teachers get bored doing the same thing over and over (at least this teacher does) so we always try to do something new and different. This year we made a Mr. Pumpkin Head. The children have been pounding golf tees into the pumpkin at one of the centers.

Today during our group time each child picked a facial feature or arms. You guessed it. They are Mr. Potato Head parts! I pounded them into the pumpkin. We talked a lot about spatial relationships. Eyes are near the top. Nose is below and in between your eyes. Mouth is under the nose. Ears are on the side. Lots and lots of vocabulary-each time we placed a piece we talked about how many and where it belonged on the head.

If you want to do this at home, get your Mr. Potato Head parts, a golf tee and a hammer. I pounded the golf tee in the pumpkin to make an opening and then placed the piece in the hole. I think if you made the hole big enough, a child could push the piece into the pumpkin.

We did three faces and your child will probably be able to tell you which piece s/he picked out. It was super fun.
Later in the day, we worked on a craft. The samples below are student work. When we work on a craft, we show a sample and give very specific directions. They are to watch and follow. So you ask, "Well, Susie Q's doesn't look anything like a jack-o-lantern."
Well, that is okay. We do not move pieces because for us it is a way to continually assess if the children are able to listen and follow directions-in small and large groups. They are young. They will get better at listening and following teacher directions. This is their first school experience so they are learning to listen and follow directions.

Want to have more fun with pumpkins? Morton is holding their annual Punkin' Chuckin' contest on Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th. It's $5 per vehicle. For additional information-

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