Friday, February 22, 2013


We paint with a variety of 'paintbrushes' all year long.  Our art unit has the children's creative juices really flowing.  Along with a variety of  'paintbrushes', we use a variety of paper.  An old atlas makes a great canvas!  Check with your local insurance agent...some agents give these free to clients.

What to do with all this wonderful art?  With a scanner and your favorite photo 'shop', you can create a wide assortment of keepsakes for yourself, your child, grandma, your daycare provider, a favorite aunt or friend!
Art can be placed on an actual canvas, a mouse pad, coffee mugs, note cards and stationary, magnets, shopping totes, puzzles, blankets and coasters. 

Use your child's art as a screensaver or wallpaper for your computer or phone.  Iron on transfers are found at most super centers or office supply stores.

Need more ideas?  Check out this past post   On Pinterest, search 'displaying children's art'  or 'display children's art' for more ideas than you will ever need. 

Your child creates art so have fun with it!

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