Monday, February 25, 2013

Paper Roses

I am not sure where I first saw this piece---most likely Pinterest searching for something else but I loved it.  I saved the picture and a quick search shows the work is from  Jessica's Musings craft blog .

We adapted the project for our ongoing art unit---art is not just crayons, paint and markers.  Art can be created from anything!  Now is this piece of art or a craft? Not a discussion for me---our objective is for the children to discover that art can be created from a wide variety of materials.

We are very fortunate that we receive donations of materials all the time for our program. We had a LOT of scrapbook paper donated that we have been using for a wide variety of projects.  This saves our program money and gets me thinking creatively.

We used solid colors for the background and then I selected paper for the petals. 
While I watched television in the evening, I cut hundreds and hundreds of petals in a variety of sizes.  No pattern---just cut a basic shape. 

 The circles about two inches in diameter---again no pattern---just cut a circle.

Teacher Sample
Each child chose their background paper and was given a circle.  They were instructed to glue the circle. Some children chose the center and others corners.  The petals were placed on the tables and the children were to choose the larger petals first. Next we discussed the petals were like puzzles pieces fitting into their art.  Puzzles pieces are placed 'next to each other' and not 'on top of each other'.

We had the children glue the petals to the edges and over the edges.  This part took two class periods (about 15-20 minutes each session).
Student Work

Student Work

Student Work

I trimmed the edges with a paper cutter.  The children worked so hard on these and it just helps me think SPRING!

Student Work

Student Work
No scrapbook paper?  Try newspaper, magazine pages, paint chips or wrapping paper scraps. Get the paper, grab the glue and get creative with your child today.

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