Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The MCP Art Gallery

New to our art unit this year...our 'Garden' bulletin board is covered with works of art.  I picked these posters up at thrift stores and garage sales and on the look out for more! I always show them to the children but thought we needed to hang them up for our art unit.  

Also new...the clothes line by our easel has 5 x 8 cards. When we cleaned out my parents house, I took the World Book encyclopedias, cut out the art, glued to 5 x 8 cards and had them laminated. They are great for the kids.  It was was all there and I didn't have to search and print anything. 

Want to do more?  The Google Art Project  is a great website to see art in museums around the world.  Like anything on the Internet, please make sure you preview the art before showing your child...not all art is appropriate for all age groups. 

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