Monday, February 18, 2013

The Art Gallery---How to...

We provide opportunities for the creative art experience every day for the children.  The children color, paint, cut, glue and create unique and beautiful works of art for family, friends and each other.  It brings me great joy to watch the children work at our art table and observe the wide variety of techniques and styles they bring to their work. 

Two years ago I started an 'art appreciation' unit for our MWF classes.  It is still a work in progress but the children are amazing and so open to the experience.  We have learned about primary and secondary colors.  The children are able to look at a painting and tell if it is a landscape, seascape, portrait/self-portrait, still life and we are learning about modern art, too. 

We have started learning about Van Gogh and Picasso.  After looking at several of Picasso's prints, a little boy commented, "Picasso puts things in weird places."  I love it!  If you and your child want to look at more of Picasso's work check out   Your child can see Picasso's paintings and sculptures. This is an activity you should do with your child.  I would recommend previewing pieces that you want to share with your child, too. We will continue with our art experience and create sculptures in a few weeks.  Want a preview?  Search 'sculptures' on this blog. 

Our 'Art Gallery' blogs showed the children's work from a paint experience we provided on Friday.  
I placed paint in large Styrofoam egg carton lids. We paint with anything I think the children can easily pick up--thread spools, 35mm film canisters, spice containers, etc. The white ball is a happy accident.  I had saved an idea that showed popcorn inside a balloon for a printing experience.  Epic fail!  Trying to pour anything  into the balloon was unsuccessful so I started thinking and saw another idea with panty hose.  A quick trip to the store for some white knee hi's,  rice from our messy tub and much much better!

One knee high was too long so I cut in half, knotted and turned the panty hose inside out so the knot is on the inside. If you look at the paint trays, you will notice I knotted the 'handle' so it is easier for the children to grab. At first, the panty hose prints were pretty 'blobby' (an official preschool art term).  As the paint began to soak into the rice, the prints took on the look of fireworks (kid comments).  I like the panty hose because you also can control the size---adding various amounts of rice for large or small prints.

Cover the table, cover your child and have some art experiences with your child!

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