Saturday, January 24, 2015


Student Work
We have finished our unit on penguins with the MWF and TTh classes.  Both classes learned many facts about penguins.  We learned penguins are birds and have feathers.  Penguins do not fly but are great swimmers.  What do penguins eat?  Where do penguins live? Ask your child!  Our MWF classes learned there are many species (great vocabulary word).  They learned the names of many penguins and know the name of the smallest and largest penguin. The children dictated a report about penguins which will be sent home next week.  We encourage you to put these sheets in a three ring binder for your child to 'read' at home. 

Our MWF classes have a penguin drawing card in the art center.

Our MWF classes not only learned the name and sizes of penguins but worked in small groups to place the penguins from smallest to largest.

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