Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wassily Kandinsky

In December, we introduced Wassily Kandinsky's work to our MWF classes.  We started with his early traditional works and moved into his abstract pieces.  Our vocabulary word for this unit was abstract.

Our first project was with Kandinsky's Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles which is probably one of his most familiar pieces.

Students cut out all three circles.  This gives us an opportunity as the children work to ask about their color choices and use words like biggest, smallest, middle or center.

Kandinsky's work bordered our bulletin board so the children were able to see a wide variety of his work.  Our next lesson continued with each child receiving a small piece of tagboard, a black marker, glue and pieces of construction paper.

Artists hard at work...

Ready for the gallery!

Next, we placed the materials in the art center for individual students to use.
Student Work
Student Work
Student Work

Our final Kandinsky experience for our students was at the easel.
  To see more of Kandinsky's work---

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