Friday, January 30, 2015

My Impenetrable Cereal Box Fort version 7.0

2015 Cereal Box Fort

It's just so much fun!  This year the fort is a little smaller than last year.  It measures 5' x 12' with two doors.  I forgot to include windows this year but have some fun ideas already rolling around in my head for next year!  We have two centers inside the fort---the library and the writing center.  I made some 'furniture' with cereal boxes for the library.  There are two little 'chairs' for students to sit.
Cereal Box Chairs Inside the Library

 How many boxes does it take to build a 5' x 12' cereal box fort?  257
The MCP Cereal Box Fort Timeline---

Our MWF classes also compare and contrast the cereal boxes. How are the cereal boxes the same?
They are all made of cardboard, are rectangles, are flat, have a picture of cereal, have nutritional information, had cereal inside, have words and are empty.

How are the boxes different?  Some have milk on the box, have different cereals, have spoons, different sizes and colors, different pictures, have marshmallows, have spicy flavors, have fruit on the box and have different animals or characters.

See if you and your child can think of other ways the cereals boxes are the same or different!

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