Monday, January 5, 2015

Snowmen ABC's & 123's

The new year will bring a lot of fun for our preschoolers.  The room has many activities that involve letter and number recognition.  Let's start with snowmen!
Melt! is our alphabet game.  You can adapt this game for sight words, spelling words, vocabulary words or even math facts. 

 Roll the dice and count out the caps!

Save your cards with snowmen and winter scenes for January lacing cards. More information on why lacing is important for young children---

These are tiles from the game Upwords.  The bottles are flavored coffee creamers with features drawn on with permanent marker.  Old flannel shirts make the perfect scarf.  Bottles are filled with letters.  'Pour' out a letter, identify and stack the letters up. 
Winter books

What else is happening at MCP?  Tomorrow we'll show you what we are doing with dinosaurs!!!

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