Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Budding Artists

Our MWF preK students are budding artists.  Our ongoing art unit has our students learning how to draw a portrait, a landscape and a still life.  These pieces of art were taken home last week.  How do we draw? Teachers demonstrate and give directions.  We use directional words like top, bottom, inside, outside, etc.  We use numbers and letters (make the number 11 for the trunk of the tree, put a circle on top of the number 11). Crayons are in freezer zipper bags (the clip kind we learned works best) for ease of finding crayons and quick clean up.
We learned that artists sketch before they paint.  We are going to be learning about Vincent Van Gogh and are sketching sunflowers.  We sketch with a pencil and then color.  We are also learning every time we draw, we get a little better!
We have introduced a lot of new vocabulary to the children---
*primary colors
*secondary colors
*warm colors
*cool colors
*portrait (we will talk about self portraits w/Van Gogh)
*still life

Have some fun sketching with child and watch your budding artist bloom!

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