Sunday, October 4, 2015

Playing with Primary Colors

We have started an ongoing unit on art.  Our first lesson was on  the three primary colors.  Each child was covered in a smock, received a small canvas and brush.  Tubs of water and palettes of acrylics were set on the table.  The canvases and acrylics are a first for MCP. So the teachers learned a lot, too!
As the children painted it was fun to hear them cry out, "I made green!"  "How did you do that?" Next week, we will explore secondary colors.  We will have a science center with color mixing.
  We introduced new vocabulary to the children.  These are words you can ask your child about---smock, canvas, primary colors and palette.
The MCP Art Gallery is outside our classroom. The children will take their art home after we paint our next canvas in a few weeks.  That should give you some time to create a spot in your home for your child's art gallery.

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