Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

 Several weeks ago, our TTh 3 y/o class planted pumpkin seeds.  We can see what a pumpkin seedling looks like!
A pumpkin was cut open so the children could look inside.  We watched a short video on how pumpkins grow.

 Every we time we do a project the children get  better and better at listening to teacher directions.  It's hard to sit and listen and glue and be with your friends and sit and listen and glue...

We have pumpkin seeds for creating shapes and letters in the art center.

 We are covering a giant piece of cardboard with yellow, red and orange dots.  What are we creating?  Stay tuned and you will find out.

Pumpkin milkshakes?  Did your child like their snack?

A new sensory tub!  The pumpkin patch is gourds, small pumpkins, thousands of pumpkin seeds and some garden equipment.  Check under our label 'Sensory' for more ideas.

More pumpkin fun ahead for our TTh 3 y/o class. 

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