Thursday, October 22, 2015

MCP Monsters 2015

Monsters, monsters and more monsters!  Our TTh 3 y/o friends are learning the difference between real and pretend.  We read Ed Emberly's Big Green Monster and made our own big green monster.  Snipping the hair made our monster's hair fuzzy.

We rewrote the story and made our monster big and blue.  We will type this story up and send home with your child soon. Some friends painted foam board blue.  We will add green eyes, a red nose, purple ears and a big pink mouth.  Check back for the finished monster.

2014 Big Orange Monster---

More monsters!  We are painting the children's hands to create a monster.  How to---

Grover and Elmo are funny monsters.  When we snip our red oval it's makes Elmo fuzzy!  We are getting really good at listening to teacher directions when we make a craft.

A monster song---

Last week, we had pumpkin muffins.  Did your child like the pumpkin muffins?

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