Saturday, May 6, 2017

Get Off of My Cloud

On Wednesday and Friday, we continued our study of Georgia O'Keefe with two large group projects in the art center. The morning class created a large  Blue Flower on Pink and both classes made Sky Above Clouds preK.

How I love large cardboard boxes!  I cover the cardboard with white rolled paper that was generously donated to our program.

We know we sketch before we paint.  Georgia O'Keefe's flowers were BIG!  Our flower is big and fills the space.  The small group had to come to a decision on colors and then painted their masterpiece.

On Friday, we created Sky Above Clouds preK.  With a small group in the art center, we talked about mixed media in art.  Artists often combine paint, paper and  collage pieces to create art.  We started with tissue paper.  I spread glue all over the cardboard and students added tissue paper. 

Students glued cotton balls to create clouds.  I started off letting the kids pull the cotton ball but it was very difficult for our preschoolers.  I pulled them apart and then they glued onto the sky.  The result is lovely.  I hope we have made Ms. O'Keefe proud.

After we completed the group project, one of our budding artists was inspired to create her own Sky Above Clouds with paper and glue. First she used markers and crayons to create her sky---
 Then white paper from the scrap bin made clouds.
Enjoy searching for shapes and  the watching the clouds float by with your child today!

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