Friday, May 26, 2017

Math Counts!

Math is plays an important role in our daily curriculum at MCP but how can you help your child at home?  Easy!  Math is everywhere!  Numbers are everywhere!  Shapes are everywhere!  Patterns are everywhere!  You just have to look and find opportunities to talk about math with your child. 

Some ideas to get your started---
  • Count out snack or dinner items (five carrots, one sandwich)
  • Set the table-how many people? how many plates?
  • At the store "Let's pick out five apples."
  • Calendar count downs to holidays or special events
  • Board games where your child has to count the spaces moved
  • Point out shapes-circles, spheres, cylinders, squares 
  • Cooking is fantastic for measuring
  • Children love rulers and measuring tapes.  A great way to introduce the concept of inch and foot.  Have your child look for things that are bigger than one foot or smaller?  Find things that are five inches long.
  • Use words like more, less, greater, bigger, smaller, shortest, tallest.
Seasonal shapes from the dollar store and office stickers are a fun way to count!

We love geoboards and pattern blocks at MCP!

You can roll the dice and count anything! 

Our Discovery Center has math activities---

For more ideas and additional information---

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