Monday, May 1, 2017

1/4 + 3/4 = 1 Grateful Teacher

"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theater."
Gail Godwin

I went to search for a quote for this post and found the typical 'touch a life',  'change a life', 'opens minds and hearts' but this quote fits me perfectly.  As a teacher, it is my job to make sure that I am prepared but there is much more to our preschool than just the daily lesson. 

Our program is radically different than other preschools by design.  The classroom, the lessons, the activities, the crafts and centers are a way to invite your child into a unique experience.  This experience is not stagnate but changes to keep the child's interest in the environment and what is happening within the classroom walls. 

When I open the door to let the children into the classroom, the curtain goes up and the show starts.  I don't just read a book to the children, it's a performance and they are just as engaged as I am.  They are invited into the story to help me tell the tale.  They huff and puff. They run, run, run as fast they can. They tell me the very hungry caterpillar was still hungry.  They are not just listening.  They are active participants and it makes for a great show. 

So---thank you.
Our show would not be receiving rave reviews without a supporting cast---you.  Our MCP family is supportive in so many ways and we thank you.  Thank you for choosing MCP for your child's first school experience.  Thank you for your generosity by supporting our fundraisers.  Thank you for your generous financial donations to our program.  Thank you for saving all the 'treasures' so we are able to remain within our budget and provide unique arts and crafts experiences for our students.  Thank you for your time spent working on MCP family events, fundraisers and much more. These two words never seem like enough but there is a whole lot of gratitude behind them---Thank you!

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