Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sky Above Clouds

Last year was the first year for our Masterpiece Monday program.  At the end of the school year a little girl commented that "we didn't do any girl artists."  Well, we changed that this year.  Our last Masterpiece Monday artist is Georgia O'Keefe.  She is also an American artist. 

We looked at the work of Georgia O'Keefe and noticed the flowers are BIG and usually there is only one flower.  We saw her art had bones, mountains and clouds.  We learned Georgia O'Keefe lived most of her life in the Southwest.  We talked about the Southwest and how it is different than the Midwest.  We learned about clouds...what are clouds?  We are learning to identify three types of clouds---cumulus, cirrus and status. 

On Monday, we worked with watercolors.  Our inspiration was Sky Above Clouds IV.  We looked at a photo and saw that this painting is BIG!  We used a special paper for watercolors.  Ask your child how it felt.  We went to the tables to paint.

First get the paper wet---
Next we added blue but just half way---
 Big brush strokes across the paper!
 Fill in those white spaces, too.

Next, we added red---

How did our watercolors dry so fast? Ask your child.  Our last step was adding clouds with acrylic paint. 
 Clouds are big and little.

 We worked really hard to make sure our clouds were next to each other.
 We made lots and lots of clouds in our blue sky!

Thanks, Mrs. U for a wonderful lesson on watercolors!

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