Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

We are having a lot of dance parties at my house. Here is a list of MCP favorites:

  • Hokey Pokey---Little Richard version but I'd love to see an AC/DC (suggested a long time ago on a favorite radio show), ZZ Top or Justin Timerlake version.  There's always hope. 
  • Ghostbusters
  • Car Wash---Rose Royce  We 'drive' around with our windshield wipers on (moving our arms like they are wind shield wipers)
  • Miserlou---Dick Dale and his Del-Tones. Classic surfer music.  We pretend we're on surf boards and there will be wipe outs. 
  • Born to Be Wild---Steppenwolf   We get on our motorcycle, put on our helmets and drive around the classroom.  Teachers call out "Red light"  or "Green light"
  • YMCA---Village People  No explanation needed.
  • Who Let the Dogs Out--BaHa Men   We remove the chairs from the tables and the kids crawl around barking.  Seriously...this is one of their favorites.  
  • Chicken Dance---We love this song because it's a pattern.  Cluck, flap your wings, lay an egg, clap.
  • Macarena---Los Del Rio   We hadn't taught this one yet but we like this dance because it's  a pattern.
  • Walking on Sunshine---Katrina and the Wave  We dance to this one because I love this song.  When we hear "walking on sunshine", we raise our hands above our heads like a great big yellow sun.  
  • Shake It Off---Taylor Swift/KidzBop version   Well, it's pretty obvious...Shake it!
  • Space Jam---Quad City DJ's   We pretend we are playing basketball...pretend...dribble, pass and shoot baskets.  
You and your child can have fun at a dance party!  Nobody is watching!  Dance!

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