Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Number Recognition & Counting

Our approach to number recognition and counting is similar to letter recognition:
  • Let's start with counting out loud.  
  • Work with a few numbers at time.  1-5 and work up to 1-10 and continue to move to higher numbers as your child when your child is ready.
  • Look around the house and find numbers.  We know numbers are everywhere!  
  • Flashcards?  Play Hide & Seek.  Hid the flashcards and as your child finds them place them in numerical order.
  • Count objects.  Children will count orally first but also need to be able to count objects. Coins, cereal, toy cars, etc.  Give your child a number and count.  
  • With our MWF students, we practice counting by 10's and counting to 100.  Don't be concerned if your child is not able to count to 100.  Practice and have fun.  It is important to have fun!
  • We'll be hosting lots of math activities at MCP Homeschool.  
Have some fun with counting with your child. 

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