Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The MCP Favorite

The Mitten  is an MCP winter favorite with our TTh class.  We cover a table with a white blanket and the children crawl under the table as the animals enter the 'mitten'.

You can do this at home. Really...
  • Cover a table with a blanket or sheet.
  • Gather dolls, action figures or stuffed animals.
  • As the story progresses have your child place the animals under the table (or if the family is up for it they can crawl under the table)
  • Our bear child sticks his/her nose out from under the table a bit.
  • The mouse child gives the bear a little tickle and 
  • ACHOO! 
  • The teacher pulls the blanket off  the table and all of our animals tumble out from under the table.  They love it.
You and your child can have fun with Jan Brett's The Mitten! 

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