Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Authors & Illustrators

Our MWF classes have an opportunity to write (dictate) and illustrate their own book.  We have a basket of  blank 'books' in a basket at the art center.  These books are two sheets of copy paper folded in half and stapled.  The children illustrate their story and then they dictate the story to me.  If your child brings home a book, please excuse my handwriting!  The children tend to tell me their story very quickly so I have to write as fast as I can.  Here are few of the children's books---

My Mama Needed a Zebra by Elsie
 Once upon a time, there was a zebra in the zoo and Mommy wanted it.

Mommy got the zebra out of the zoo and took it to our house.

The zebra made a mess all around the house.  The End

The Girl and the Apple Tree by Isabella
Once upon a time, it was raining and a girl went outside to jump in the puddles.

 When it stopped raining, she went to pick some apples.

It started raining again.  The End

Apple-ous by Reese
Once upon a time, there was an apple on a tree.  The apple was growing.

The apple wiggled off the tree.  The leaves fell off the tree.  The tree became smaller.  The End

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