Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

This week our MWF classes will be celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival and learning about Japan.  This is a new unit I developed after a visit to my brother who lives in Japan with his family.

Today we located Japan on maps (3 students share a large map) and learned Japan is made up of many islands.  We learned Japanese children do not use letters but kanji to read and write.  We are also creating a beautiful tree that is beginning to fill with cherry blossoms.  This activity is on the table in our art center during center time.
The tree is a large television box (love those large boxes!) covered with white paper.  Pink paint is placed in egg cartons and the children are printing  small circles with corks.  Want to do more?  A search for 'Japanese cherry blossoms' will provide you and your child with some beautiful images of the Japanese cherry blossoms.

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