Saturday, April 12, 2014

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

We have left the beauty of Japan and are onto other projects but here are some of the activities we had during our unit.  This was a really fun experience for the children and a first time unit for our program.  We will definitely be revisiting Japan next year during Cherry Blossom season.

Our cherry blossom tree is stunning!

When we talk about other countries part of our focus is the children.  We want our students to learn and begin to understand that children all over the world are going to school, playing with toys, brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed.  I check the world clock on my phone and we decide what the children in that country are doing...getting up for breakfast, in school like us, home from school, eating dinner, going to bed? Children all over the world also go to McDonalds!

We used dot markers on paper lanterns.  I found these small paper lanterns at the Christmas Tree Shop for a dollar.  I blew up a balloon inside the lantern so it provided a stronger shape.

I bought two books during my stay--Where the Wild Things Are and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
  We compared the two books and we learned the illustrations are the same but the letters are very different.  Japanese children learn to read and write kanji not letters.  I copied part of the book jacket and at the art center the children practiced writing kanji.  It's hard!   Look for wallpaper border at your local thrift stores or garage sales.

The children were able to look at some yen, too.  One little guy asked "Why do they need money?"  Great question!  We talked about people all over the world shop at grocery stores, buy clothes, toys and shoes and go to McDonald's!  

I am already gathering ideas for next year...until then...Sayonara.

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