Monday, February 16, 2015

All Summer Long

The Ocean Floor
Without a doubt, summer is my favorite season.  This week our MCP students will get a little TLC for the cabin fever we all experience about this time of the year in the Midwest.  It's our annual Super Summer Seashore Safari. 

Our bulletin board looks like a quiet ocean floor now but with seashore stencils in the art center who knows what will be lurking in the sea-grass?

MCP Seashore Bulletin Boards---

Our messy tub will be out later in the week with sand, sea creatures and seashells.  A messy tub is easy to create for home use---

Our dramatic play is the seashore and much more!  To see what's happening, check out this previous post---

Want to hula?  Check out YouTube for some fun and easy 'how to' videos.
Want to see the sun, the surf and the sand?  There is a webcam for almost every beach I searched.  My personal preference?  Southern California!

Do you and your child want to do more?  Turn up the heat a little and pretend it's summertime at your house!

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