Sunday, February 15, 2015

You Better Stand Clear

 What do you do when 257 cereal boxes come tumblin' down?
Recycle and reuse them.
 We use boxes in our art center for collages.

Simple shapes make great stencils in our art center.  We have stencils for holidays, themes/units and seasons.  We use stencils for the children to create our bulletin boards.   Look under our MCP bulletin boards for ideas.

 Cereal boxes have great pictures for lacing cards.

At home you can cut cereal boxes (or any box) and attach to an office book ring. Have your child look for the match in the grocery store.

Use a department store shirt box as a template and make your own gift boxes for small presents.

A postcard stamp makes a cute postcard for quick notes and thank you cards.

If you have access to a book binding machine, you can create journals/notebooks.

 Thanks for saving all the cereal boxes!  We look forward to construction in 2016!

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