Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pablo Picasso 2015

Our study of Pablo Picasso is coming to end.  Our MWF students learned that geometric shapes can be two dimensional and three dimensional.  We introduced cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders.  We talked about Picasso's Cubist period and his work. We have several small examples of his Cubist period and the children were able to individually see the work. It is really interesting to listen to the children talk about each picture.  We will have these posted in the art center by the easel.

To create our own Cubist style art, we gave each child a paper bag. Lines were drawn on the bag and each student cut to the line. We demonstrated how they could curl, twist or fold the 'hair'.  After the students were finished cutting, we placed crayons and office stickers in the center of the tables.   One student used only orange stickers on one side and yellow on the other side.  His conversation with his table mates was his 'orange period' and 'yellow period'.  Wow!
Our next step was to give each child a bottle of glue.  We placed lots and lots of magazine eyes, mouths, and noses in the center of the table.  The result was incredible!

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