Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pablo Picasso

Our MWF preK students are doing a study of Pablo Picasso and his art.  We introduced Picasso during Letter P week in January.  We read our color words and revisited warm & cool colors.  We have started with Picasso's Blue and Rose Period.  Our vocabulary word was 'period'.  The Blue and Rose Period were a time in Picasso's life. In the introduction to Picasso's Blue Period, we showed the children several pieces (Old Guitarist and Woman Ironing).  We talked about the body position, color and how the guitarist and woman feel.  We also introduced the word  'monochromatic' and on Wednesday one teacher was dressed in pinks and the other blues (unintentional but ask your child who was in pink and who was in blue).

To experience the Blue and the Rose period, we gave each child a small piece of tag-board and placed crayons in the center of the table.  After they colored for a time, each child was given a bottle of glue and pieces of  die-cuts were placed on the table.  There were recognizable shapes like boats, cars and animals.  Basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles were included and some abstract pieces.  This is our first year with this project and we were delighted to see that the children created stories, looked intentionally for certain shapes. The conversation at the tables was engaging and very animated. The Blue Period was done in one class session and the next class we created the Rose Period pieces.
These two pieces with the boats were created by students in two different classes.  Each had a story about the boats and a storm.

Picasso's Rose Period

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