Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There are lot of great BFF's out there-Monica and Rachel, Calvin and Hobbes, Harry, Ron and Hermione and of course Sesame Street favorites...Bert and Ernie!  Last week, our MWF classes talked about friends and friendship and we created these two crafts.  The photos are actual student work.  We do a lot of crafting in our room.  Crafts and art are very different.  

Our art center is a space for the children to express themselves creatively however they choose (we do try to control the glue flow).  Crayons, markers, scissors, paper, glue and much more is readily available for the children to use freely.  Their work is totally their own.

Crafts?  Well, now we have to listen and pay attention.  Very important skills for school.  Many crafts will also incorporate some sort of scissor use.  We start with snipping and move to cutting basic shapes.  Some of the children are able to cut very intricate shapes but that is another post!

For Bert and Ernie who are just pretty darn cute, the children had to snip the hair. Next step by step we put the craft together.  When we give them a piece and  place it onto the craft, I ask about colors, shapes, inside/outside, between and talk about shapes, colors and spatial relationships. Please know that we do not move pieces so the craft looks correct.   

Make room on the refrigerator for lots of arts and crafts! Need some ideas on what to do with your child's art when you run out of room on the frig? Here you go-

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