Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's Weather Report

We love to talk about the weather.  Too hot, too cold, just right-it is probably the one thing many of us talk about every day.  The weather reporter is one of our classroom helpers.  This activity is a great way to discuss the seasons, the weather and introduce new concepts and vocabulary. 

The weather reporter goes to our classroom window and checks the weather while we sing-
(Tune-Oh Dear What Can  the Matter Be?)
(NAME) what will the weather be?
(NAME) what will the weather be?
(NAME) what will the weather be?  Can we go out to play?
Rainy or sunny or warm or cool?  What will the weather be like at school?
Cloudy or snow or cold or hot? What is the weather today?  HEY!

Our first step is the season.  When summer was ending I asked if we were at the beginning or end of summer.  What season is next?  Now that we have entered fall,  I ask what happens in the fall.   Leaves will turn colors (what colors?). The leaves will fall.  Mommy and Daddy will rake leaves.   It will get colder.  We will start to wear long pants and jackets. You get the idea.  This line of questioning is done for each season.  We also focus on the word-SEASON.

These past few days we have made a point to discuss summer weather does not mean it is summer.  It is still fall and it is still going to get colder.

Next, the child is to choose a weather word and temperature word.  Our weather reporter reads the weather report (The weather is sunny and cool.) and decides if we can go out to play.

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