Friday, October 21, 2011

Walking on Air

Family Fun October 2007

Our science unit on air has been great fun.  Today we walked on air.  Really! Even I walked on air!  This was very exciting and another super duper easy science activity for home!  For the who, what, where, when and why's go to -

The 'Empty' Bottle-we also tried blowing a small piece of tissue paper into a two liter bottle (any size bottle will do).  This is way harder than it sounds.  Crumple up a small piece of paper (we used gift tissue paper).  It should about pea size.  Place the paper just inside the bottle mouth.  Hold the bottle horizontally in front of you and BLOW!   Your child should be able to explain why the paper will not go inside the bottle.    Try blowing very, very, very, very, very slowly.  I couldn't do it  but a few of the kids did.

The children also dictated a group report on air.  This will be typed up and sent home next week.  Encourage your child to 'read' their report.

Want to do more?  One thing we did not get to do was painting with the blow dryer.  We were just to busy.  Tape a piece of paper to a table.  Have your child put globs of paint on the paper.  Set the dryer on the lowest/coolest setting and direct the paint.  You might even try using primary colors to create secondary colors!

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