Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Haunted House

 This is what our haunted house looked like at the beginning of October.  Black background is just crumpled tissue paper. Very simple.
 The art center has lots of stencils for the children.  Trace, color and cut. Yes, they are cutting these shapes on their own.  This activity is done with the MWF classes who are little bit better with scissors.
 The haunted house looks ready for Halloween.  This activity is part of our center time so not all children will have placed an item on the bulletin board.  Can your child find their ghost or bat?
After they create a piece for the board, the child adds a tally mark.  On Monday, we will estimate and count.  Want to see what's ahead for November???  I am sure you can guess.  It's a plump and perky turkey.  Check him out-

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