Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flower Power

Here we 'grow' again.  Today we talked about the basic parts of a flower. We also created a flower craft together.  Our carrots and sunflowers have not sprouted yet but we must be patient!

I believe preschool is all about experience. We have lots of seeds for exploring in our science center.  The children are having fun looking at the seeds.  Ask your child if they looked at the seeds.

Carrot Printing

Carrot Prints

We are not finished with carrots.  We have carrot printing in our art center.  This is easy breezy---you can do this at home, too!  I trimmed some carrots into square and triangle shapes.

Want to do more???

Visit a greenhouse.  There are a lot of really nice greenhouses in our area and it's free.   It will give you and your child an opportunity to look at and talk about  flowers.

Buy a flower for your child.  Plant together and have your child care for the flower this spring and summer.  As the flower grows, you can measure and record measurements.

Get growing!

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