Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The thunder has stopped but it is still raining.  It seemed like a good day for this bulletin board idea. We started out the month with this little girl but no rain.  We know  'April showers bring May flowers' so we needed raindrops.

In the art center, we had a basket filled with raindrops.  For the 3's, the raindrops are traced so all they have to do is cut and press the easy button.  The preK children trace, cut the raindrop and press the easy button.

The preK classes also add a tally mark to a piece of paper posted in the art center.   The children love to look at these charts and count the tally marks.  We count the tally marks and use words like greater, most, less than, least and equal.

And now she's singin' in the rain!

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