Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Can't Catch Me!

This week in the MWF classes, it's The Gingerbread Man.  On Monday, we read the traditional tale.  Today (Wednesday), we read The Gingerbread Cowboy and The Gingerbread Girl.  On a large chart, I had three questions.  Was there a gingerbread man?  Who chased the gingerbread man?  Who ate the gingerbread man?  The children are recalling details of the story. An important reading comprehension skill.
Ask your child about the books and what they remember.  See if they can retell you the story.

We have many special projects going on in our room so we are not creating any crafts this week but on Friday we will roll out some gingerbread dough  and make some cookies.  YUM-O!   Make a batch at home!  Gingerbread is not just for Christmas anymore!!!

We will also be writing our own version of  The Gingerbread ???   You will have to wait and find out what the children write.  It will be typed up and in their mailboxes on Monday. 

This is a good week to dig out the traditional stories in your home library or head to your local library and check out some traditional tales.  There are also some really fun books that are a traditional story with a fun twist. Here a few---

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