Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bread Winner

In November, our preK classes enjoy lessons on food (their teachers enjoy these lessons, too).  We begin with a discussion on healthy and junk foods.  Each student is given a  grocery ad and a scissors, they are spread out on the classroom floor and cut out healthy foods and junk foods. Large pieces of paper are on the tables and the children glue the foods on the appropriate chart.
We also learned about liquids and solids.  The basic concept we are introducing to our students is that liquids do not have a shape.  We also learn that temperature can change liquids and solids.
We made ice cream for a special snack.   No cranking, no salt and just three ingredients---

Who loved the ice cream?  (we are also learning to spell Yes and No).
Morning Class
Afternoon Class

What is our favorite flavor?  We are learning math concepts---greater, most, fewer, least, equal and zero.

Morning Class
Afternoon Class
Wait! There's more!  We are learning about bread. The children have looked at all types of bread. We were sandwich artists and created a huge sandwich.  We also tasted ham and turkey.  You can't have a sandwich without cheese.  We tasted Swiss, cheddar and American cheese, too,

This was a fun and simple project. Swiss cheese and black olives were hole punched.  Pickles were cut with a pinking shears. We instructed the children to put on 1, 2 or 3 pieces of meat, the same for the cheese and then as many toppings as they wanted but leave room for the bread!
Not done yet...there's more!  On Friday (and next week, too) we made bread.  Dee---lish!
Morning Class
Afternoon Class
We also looked at wheat seeds and planted the seeds (a big thank you to our buddy KS's family) and Village Florist donated some wheat.

Want to do more???
At the grocery store, spend some time in the bakery looking at all the different breads.  Ask your child how they are the same and how they are different.

Make ice cream.

Take out ice cubes and put them in a bowl.  Have your child observe.  Record how long the ice takes to melt.  Refreeze.  How long does it take the water to freeze? 

Don't want to make homemade bread?  Buy some frozen dough and have your child observe how the bread rises and falls.  Try different temperatures and observe what happens.

Next week---J is for jam.  Bread and jam...oh yea!

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