Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Spy at the Grocery Store

With the month of November comes loads of fun in our classroom.  Our 3s are enjoying a unit called "I Spy" based on the books of the same name, while our 4s are beginning a unit on food and nutrition.  The "mama" brain in me started remembering some easy games using both "I Spy" and food items I used to play with my own kids while standing in the dreaded Walmart checkout lane for 20 minutes.  Hopefully, you will find these easy and engaging for your little ones, too!

I Spy.....Colors!
While I often used this in the checkout lane, you can use it throughout the store as you are shopping, too. Simply say, "I spy something _____ (insert color here)" and have your child/ren look for something of that color.

I Spy.....Letters!
This rendition I often used in the checkout lane because of all of the magazines and candy wrappers.  I started with "A" and continued in ABC order throughout the alphabet. say, "I spy the letter ____" and have your child look for it.  (Note: The 4s should be introduced to lowercase letters also if they have already mastered uppercase.)

I also used to play this game in the car, especially if we went on long road trips.  The McDonald's sign is really great for finding an M!

I Spy.....Numbers!
I'm sure you've got the idea by now.  This version uses numbers.  Again, use it throughout the store with all of those price tags or in the checkout lane.  To begin for our 3s friends, I'd recommend numbers 1 through 5, and for the 4s, numbers 1 - 10.  Move on to more advanced numbers once your child shows they've mastered these.

Happy "I Spy"ing!  MJ


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