Friday, November 21, 2014

Pizza Party 2014

Our TTh 3 y/o class enjoyed many activities with pizza this week.  We learned about the parts of a pizza. The crust begins as a dough.  The sauce is made of tomatoes and most 3 y/o do not like a wide variety of pizza toppings.

The children made a paper pizza.  We see such an improvement in listening and following teacher directions after just a few months and now using glue is easy!

Student Work
Student Work
Student Work

Our dramatic play is a pizza parlor where 'the staff' makes really fabulous pizza!  More info---

Yesterday our special snack was pizza.  Yummy and super easy---
 Pizza gives us an opportunity to work on some math vocabulary like greater, least, more and less.

 Next time you and your child have pizza talk about it!  It's a delicious way to learn!

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