Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Last week our MWF preK students studied Vincent Van Gogh.  Our goal is to introduce some basic concepts to our students.  I found this book at a church sale for two dollars.  A large coffee table book filled with Van Gogh's work.  I cut all the pages out and had them laminated for classroom use.

We also have a small gallery of Van Gogh's work in our art center.

The children looked at Van Gogh's early work and compared to his later works.  We saw his many self-portraits, drew sunflowers and sorted his work.
These are 5 x 8 card we had placed on the tables at each end.  The children were giving a picture and had to place the picture in the correct category.  We introduced the words portrait, still life, landscape and seascape several weeks ago.

The children also drew a sunflower.  Using basic shapes, our preschoolers are able to draw many amazing things by just listening and following teacher directions (a great skill!)
Student Work
Student Work

Here are some questions you can ask your child---
What are the primary colors?
What are the secondary colors?
What are cool colors?
What are warm colors?
Van Gogh is a famous artist.  What does it mean when someone is famous?
What colors did Van Gogh use in his early works?

Draw sunflowers. 

More info---

YouTube 'Starry Starry Night' sung by Don McLean with Van Gogh's works---

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