Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stuff the Santa

I have been 'pinning' ideas for a long time.  Before Pinterest, I had several three ring notebooks filled with home and holiday ideas (most of which were never created or fulfilled).  Many of  the ideas came from Family Fun magazine which was a new magazine when my boys were little.  This holiday game was pulled from the November 1994 holiday issue!!!  We often played this game at our family Christmas party.
Instead of a union suit, I bought the largest red long underwear shirt and bottom I could find and stitched the two pieces together in six spots. This left openings between the shirt and the bottom so players had more places to stuff the balloons.

To play, have lots and lots of balloons inflated and ready to go (some will pop). Divide your group into two teams.  Have each team select a Santa.  'Santa' will put on the union-suit/long under wear over clothes.  Determine a time limit (1-2 minutes depending on the age and number of children).  Stuff the Santa until time is up and count the balloons.   Repeat for each team.  The team that stuffs the most balloons wins.

Helpful hints---
*Can't find a union suit or red long underwear---use Christmas pajamas.
*Do not over inflate balloons.  Usually players are enthusiastic and moving quickly so we found smaller balloons were safer and less likely to pop.
*We learned the hard way not to stuff balloons into the costume near 'Santa's' face.  Have players stuff balloons in and around the waist or back of neck.

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