Friday, March 5, 2021

S is for Sea Turtles

Disney Sand Sculptures

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Summer Dance Song

Letter S week mean we are pretending it is summer! 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

This Is the Seashore


This is the seashore. Neither land nor sea. It is a place that does not exist.
Alessandro Barricco

We are waiting for spring. There is a reprieve in the weather.  Temperatures are warmed up enough to melt snow so we are able to see green (fairly green) grass underneath but it is just a tease.  We know there is more to come in March and part of April so we wait.  

If your child needs a little sunshine, set up a corner for some beach play.  It's nothing fancy so don't overthink it.  An umbrella, a large bath towel (if the beach towels are buried in a bin of summer stuff leave them. Your child won't care if it is a bath towel or a beach towel).  Add children's binoculars and old phones if you have them, sea creatures and an old camera. Surf board?  We used carpet scraps but a large box would work.  Let your child decorate.  Pretend to put sunscreen on your child and apply lotion (which we can all use with dried out winter skin). Scuba gear is a must and here's how:

If you have a home device, request whale sounds, Beach Boys or Hawaiian music. "Robot, play Beach Boys." A little bit of summer and sunshine added to your child days.