Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

The MWF preK classes have been creating mini monsters for our garden bulletin board.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Our Starry Night

Because of the Halloween party, there will be no Masterpiece Monday today.  Our preK students have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  We have learned that 'The Starry Night'  is one of his most famous paintings.  We learned the word 'famous' means that most people recognize the painting and then we created our version. 

First we painted the canvas blue.  Mrs. U glued lots of swirls and curly Q's on our canvas.  The children had three shade of blue.  We are learning that big brushes are for big spaces and little brushes are used for small spaces.  What brush did we use for the blues?

During center time, we added stars to the night sky.

 On Masterpiece Monday, we glued on buildings.

The MCP Starry Night

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Witch's Stew

The holidays are so much fun with our preschoolers. Our MWF classes had fun talking about things that are REAL and things that are PRETEND.  We sing a song  about a witch's stew.  We learn the word 'cauldron' and add some ingredients.  We sing this song the month of October and this week we made some witch's legs and our own witch's stew.

On Fun Food Friday, we made witch's stew.  The children giggle, laugh and scream and it's a whole lot of fun.  We have large bowl and I call for spider web balls (popcorn),  spider legs (pretzels) and more.  We add the ingredients to the bowl and sing our song.   It's an easy Halloween snack.  
Here's the recipe---
  • Spider web balls (popcorn)
  • Spider legs (pretzel sticks)
  • Dragon teeth (candy corn)
  • Mouse ears (raisins)
  • Monkey eyes (Cheerios)
  • Stinky fish (Goldfish crackers)
  • Bat noses (chocolate chips)

We also work a lot on patterning.  This month a pumpkin and some push pins provide a unique way to master this skill! 

Halloween is just the start of holiday fun at MCP!  We hope you and your child have a great Halloween.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Go Away, Big Yellow Monster!

Our TTh 3 y/o rewrote Ed Emberly's Go Away, Big Green Monster.

Big Yellow Monster has two brown eyes and a small orange oval nose.  Big Yellow Monster has a big green mouth with three sharp white teeth, two small blue ears and short straight purple hair and a big scary yellow face! But… YOU DON’T SCARE ME!

So, GO AWAY, short straight purple hair!  GO AWAY, two small blue ears!  GO AWAY, big green mouth with three sharp white teeth.  GO AWAY, small orange oval nose and two brown eyes.  GO AWAY, BIG YELLOW MONSTER! And DON’T COME BACK! Until I say so!

We painted and glued and made our own Big Yellow Monster...

We read The Monster at the End of the Book (a personal favorite) and made Grover!  We are getting really good at snipping with our scissors!

We have had a lot of fun with Halloween and monsters with our 3 y/o class! More holiday coming!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Halloween Fun at MCP!

What have we been doing?  A lot!  MWF classes sort, count and make patterns with some fall candy.  Math is fun and delicious!  

We learned how to sketch and draw a still life like Vincent Van Gogh.

Halloween math activities make learning how to recognize numbers and count a lot of fun!

Listening and following teacher directions is a very important school skill. When we create crafts, students need to watch their teacher and listen. We cut a black circle in half to make a cute Halloween cat.

More Halloween fun this week!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Five Little Monsters

Silly fun with monsters and
our TTh 3 y/o classes!

Five Little Monsters
Five little monsters on Halloween night
Made a very, very scary sight.
The first one danced up high on his toes.
The second one ran and bumped his nose.
The third one jumped up high in the air.
The fourth one waved his hands in the air.
The fifth one sang a Halloween song and
The five little monsters played all night long!