Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa's Workshop

Our room is filled with reindeers, elves and an occasional Santa Claus. For the holidays, our dramatic play is 'Santa's Workshop.' Christmas vacation is just around the corner. The children will be home for two weeks and this would be easy enough to do at home (especially if you additional little ones coming to visit). The children absolutely have a blast with this center.

We set up our little play kitchen table, an old computer keyboard (for Santa's online orders, of course), old cameras, cell phones, notepads, pens and pencils.

Get a large box for Santa's sleigh. You don't need to decorate. Your child's imagination will fill in the blanks. I just love glitter!

I also wrapped small boxes. After I wrapped them, I wrapped clear packing tape over them so they would last a little longer. The kids know they are pretend but every once in awhile someone tries to open one. It's pretty funny.

Dress ups are a must for Santa's workshop. Get a Santa hat (or two), some reindeer ears (warning: these are pretty cheaply made and don't last too long) and for the elves? Get some bright green t-shirts large enough for the children to pull over regular clothes and bright green knit hats.

Put some Christmas music on and watch the fun!