Sunday, February 24, 2013

Elmer the Elephant

The book Elmer by David McKee is about an elephant who is very different from his friends. Elmer is a fun loving elephant who brings laughter and joy to the herd but still wants to look like the other elephants.  You will have to read the story to discover what happens next!  After reading and discussing Elmer,  we went to the tables to make our own Elmer.

Each child was given an elephant cut from old file folders and a bottle of glue.
Elmer Pattern

The children are so much better at gluing at this point of the school year.  I instructed them to place a dot of glue on Elmer and add piece of tissue paper.  We placed lots of tissue paper (recycled from gift bags and Christmas) on the tables and the kids started.  We also told them to glue all the way to edges and over.

After the glue dried, we trimmed the edges and added a googly eye.  Aren't they cute?

I think Elmer would look super cute on a spring T-shirt!  Scan your child's Elmer and put on an iron-on transfer (available at most super-centers and office supplies stores).  Think of how proud your child will be to wear their art!  
It takes nothing to join the crowd.  It takes everything to stand alone.   Hans F. Hansen