Wednesday, February 27, 2019

National Aquarium Blacktip Reef

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Super Summer Seashore Safari-2019

It's warming up at MCP!  What's happening in the classroom? Check it out---

Small seashells for gluing letters...

PreK students are learning to draw sea life…

Feed the Shark is an MCP favorite counting game!

It's not the shore without seashells!

Count. Have a teacher check and press 'the easy button.'

One Fish, Two Fish

It's fun with fish for our TTh class. Last week we made fish 'puppets'. 
We swim with our fish and sing this song---

I'm a little fish and I like to swim.
You can't catch me 'cause I have fins.
I swim past my friends and I her them say,
"Stop your swimming and come and play!"
(Tune-I'm a Little Teapot)

Monday, February 25, 2019

Morning Meeting-Dolphins, Sharks, Whales

What was your child's favorite?

Morning Class

Afternoon Class

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feeling a Little Crabby?

Last week our MWF preK student created a cute craft with two crabs. Crafts help our preschoolers learn to listen and follow teacher directions.

First add some motion to the ocean with a blue crayon. Glue on some brown packing paper to the bottom of the paper.  Next students had to cut a red circle...

and then cut the circle in half.

Students glued the circles and crab claws onto the 'sand'.  Teachers added googly eyes and details.  These crabs make us happy!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Meet Goldie

This year our TTh 3 y/o class added Goldie to our herd of elephants. 

and there's Elmer, of course.

One year Rosie showed up in the herd.  Everyone loves her!

And then there's Buddy!

And Mary...

Be like an elephant. Be strong!  Be gentle!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Baby Shark

Our MWF classes created a shark today.  First we added 'waves' to blue paper.

Next we cut out a large grey circle.  We are getting really good at using scissors!

We have to really listen and follow teacher directions!

They turned out jaw-some!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pinch Me

None of our 3 y/o friends are ever crabby at school!  Each TTh students is going to get their hand painted to make this cute crab!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dive In-cont'd

Divers are starting to 
show up in the water!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Dive In!

We are ready for warming weather!  Time to start thinking about the shore.  Students will trace and cut fish, seashells and divers Next, they make a tally mark and get to press 'the easy button.'

Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Evidence of Love"

“I watched a man setting up a Valentine’s Day display in a store window. It’s the middle of January, but the merchants need to get a jump on love, I guess. Don’t get me wrong — merchants are fine folks. They give us choices and keep us informed on the important holidays. How would you know it was Halloween or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day early enough to do something about it, if merchants didn’t stay on the job?
The other group I count on is kindergarten teachers. They always know about holidays, and when it comes to valentines and other evidence of love, no merchant can compete with them. What the kindergarten teachers set in motion, no merchant could sell — it’s beyond price — you can’t get it at the store. 
What I’m talking about here is something I think of as the gummy lump. Once it was a shoe-box, decorated and given to me by the oldest child. Then it became a repository of other relics of childhood given to me by the younger children. The shoe-box became my treasure chest in time. Its components are standard: Three colors of construction paper — pink and red and white — faded now, aluminum foil, orange tissue paper, several paper doilies, three kinds of macaroni, gumdrops, jelly beans, some little white hearts (the kind that taste like Tums) with words on them, and the whole thing held together with a whole big lot of white library paste, which also tastes like Tums.
Anyhow, this shoe box isn’t looking too very good now. It’s a little shriveled and kind of moldy where the jelly beans and gumdrops have run together. It’s still sticky in places, and most of it is more beige than red and white. If you lift the lid, however, you will begin to know what makes me keep it. On folded and faded and fragile pieces of large-lined school paper, there are words: “Hi daddi” and “Hoppy valimtime” and “I lov you.” A whole big lot of “I lov you.” Glued to the bottom of the box are twenty-three X’s and O’s made out of macaroni. I’ve counted them more than once. Also scrawled in several places the names of three children.
The treasures of King Tut are nothing in the face of this. 
Have you got something around the house like a gummy lump? Evidence of love in its most uncomplicated and most trustworthy state? You may live a long, long time. You may receive gifts of great value and beauty. You may experience much love. But you will never believe in it quite as much as you believe in the gummy lump. It makes your world go round and the ride worth the trouble.

The three children are grown up now. They still love me, though it’s harder sometimes to get direct evidence. And it’s love that’s complicated by age and knowledge and confusing values. Love, to be sure. But not simple. Not something you could put in a shoe-box. 
This sticky icon sits on a shelf at the top of my closet. Nobody else knows it’s there. But I do. It is a talisman, a kind of cairn to memory, and I think about it every morning as I dress. Once in a while I take it down from the shelf and open it. It is something I can touch and hold and believe in, especially when love gets difficult and there are no small arms around my neck anymore.

Oh, sure, this is the worst kind of simpleminded, heartrending Daddy-drivel imaginable. I’ve probably embarrassed us both by telling you. But it beats the hell out of a mood ring or a mantra when it comes to comfort.
I have no apology. The gummy lump stands for my kind of love. Bury it with me. I want to take it with me as far as I go.”  
All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Mass Extinction

Our MWF preK friends created a lot of dinosaurs for our bulletin board!  Time for mass extinction of our dinosaurs.  Mrs. U will be creating something new.  What's next?  You'll have to wait and sea see!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Fun Food Friday---Be Mine

Fun Food Friday in February?  Sorting, counting and creating patterns with conversation hearts!  A sweet way to work on our math skills.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Hand-some Elephant

More fun with elephants!

Elmer---a special snack

Our TTh class is learning a lot about elephants.  Our friend, Elmer, was the inspiration for our special snack today.  Pretzels look all the same but Skittles provide the color and the fun just like our buddy, Elmer!  Lots of big fun with elephants at MCP!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Elmer the Elephant

Elmer 2019

Today our TTh 3 y/o class had a lot of fun with our good buddy, Elmer. Elmer is a story by David McKee.  It shows us that is best to be who you are instead of changing who you are.

Elephants for counting and pressing the 'easy button'.

And big elephants at the easel!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Who Let the Dogs Out?

We love dramatic play at MCP.  It gives children an opportunity to role play, use vocabulary, use their imagination in a variety of situations and share experiences.  A lot of learning is happening when they are 'playing dress up'.  So we create a wide variety of play beyond just 'playing house'. 

Our pet shop/veterinarian office will be open for business this week. We provided doctor kits,  pet bowls,  a pet carrier (an awesome garage sale find), keyboards, cell phones, old school notebooks and small clipboards with paper and pens.  The paper gives the children an opportunity to write and they do.  It looks like scribbling but is all part of emergent writing skills and fine motor development.  WOW, right?  There is also a table with two chairs and laundry basket to contain all the props.  

Plus there are the pets. Lots of Beanie Babies, of course (my 'investment' in Beanie Babies for my son is really paying off at school).  We have cats and dogs.  We know cats and dogs cannot live together so when the children pick up they have to sort the cats and dogs into the appropriate containers and place them back on the shelf.  More labeling and exposure to the written word and meaning.   Learning through play! 

Set up a pet shop at home. Provide similiar props and watch your child's imagination soar! 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Love Always

Our art center provides our students an opportunity to be creative every day.  We always have a wide variety of materials for the children to cut, color and glue.  For some Valentine's Day fun, we have a collage box filled with red, white and pink items.