Monday, May 28, 2018

MCP---Sky Above Clouds IV

We like to create large pieces of art with the children.  It teaches them to work together and there is a spirit of cooperation and pride in group work that is different than their individual pieces.  Our version of Georgia O'Keefe's Sky Above Clouds IV---

Large cardboard is covered with white paper.

The morning class painted blue.

The afternoon class painted pink.  Big spaces require big brushes.

We placed white paper on the art table.  Children drew large ovals, cut and glued.  
Sky Above Cloud pre-K

Monday, May 21, 2018

Masterpiece Monday---Georgia O'Keefe

Our last artist of the year was Georgia O'Keefe.  We learned Georgia O'Keefe lived in New Mexico.  We learned about deserts and desert animals.  We used tissue paper and construction paper to create a desert sunset.

The previous week the children had cut out a saguaro cactus so these were ready glue on the completed canvas.  We placed strips of tissue paper on the table.  The children were instructed to glue a line across the canvas and place the tissue paper on top. 

Beautiful colors!

The children glued on their cactus.  Teachers put a diluted glue wash over the entire canvas. 

Teachers trimmed excess tissue for a stunning result. 

For Fun Food Friday we had Cactus Candy. Yummy!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Class of 2018

to the 
Class of 2018!

You're jaw-some!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

What Every Child Needs

As a child, these two amazing people gave me what I needed!  Acceptance, guidance, faith, security and above all love. 


  • ACCEPTANCE-Every child needs to believe that she is accepted even though others may not approve of things she does.
  • CONTROL-Every child needs to know that there are limits to what he is permitted to do and that he will be held to these limits.
  • GUIDANCE-Every child needs to have friendly help in learning how to behave toward persons and things. 
  • INDEPENDENCE-Every child needs to know that she will be encouraged to try new things and to grow. 
  • PROTECTION-Every child needs to feel that when she must face strange, unknown and frightening situations, someone will be there to help.
  • FAITH-Every child needs to have a belief in the human values---kindness, courage, honesty and justice.
  • SECURITY-Every child needs to know that his home is a good safe place he can feel sure about. 
  • LOVE-Every child needs to feel wanted---that he matters very much to someone.
From the Busy Bodies/Perandoe Special Education Newsletter
Monroe & Randolph County, Illinois

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Friday, May 11, 2018


Last week we had our last 'trip' to Mexico. At our Morning Meeting, we asked the children if they liked tacos.  What did your child say?



Monday, May 7, 2018

Who Should Teach?

No one should teach who is not 
in love with teaching.
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

I love teaching.  More importantly I love teaching preschool.  I did not set out to be a preschool teacher. After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in elementary education, my goal was a second grade classroom. 

Life has a way of putting people and events in our path to prepare us for what is ahead.  I always start with my parents as my biggest influence but many others provided experiences and knowledge that nurtured my love of teaching.  Through a series of events in my life I ended up teaching preschool when my boys were little and I was hooked.  

LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN.  It's the MCP way.  I am grateful that the MCP Board has watched our curriculum develop and grow over the years.  It is our program. It allows me to really teach your child and not just implement a curriculum kit.  I love to teach and am grateful that I can add programs that continually enhance and improve your child's preschool experience. Masterpiece Monday, 100 Wednesday and Fun Food Friday are activities we have added in the last two years.  The Morning Meeting starts your child's day with letters, numbers, patterns or a graph. 

I am also ever so grateful for the MCP staff.  These three ladies are dedicated to MCP.  Thank you is not enough for their commitment and hard work. They are so supportive and have taken many things 'off of my plate' and have made my job a little easier.  Thank you!

Parents (and grandparents) are why we grow.  We thank you for your continued support.  Thank you for sharing your child with us for a few hours a week. Thank you for attending and supporting MCP programs and fund raisers.  As MCP grows, we hope we can count on you for support to ensure every child in our area receives the best start. 

I truly love teaching your child and have the best job in the world. Thank you.