Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boo! Bang! Gobble! Melt!

Huh? These are all titles to an alphabet recognition game we play in our room. We do not use worksheets in our room so we are always trying to create fun ways for the children to recognize their letters. We start off the year with a BANG!

The game is a simple idea repeated throughout the year with different seasonal themes. A container is filled with letter cards. A few cards are labeled BANG, BOO, etc. depending on the season. The children take turns picking a card and identifying the letter. If a player picks BANG, s/he returns his/her cards to the container. The child remains in the game and play continues. The children really love this game.

You can see in the photos some of the games we have created. We start off the year with BANG.

Halloween-pumpkin cards-BOO

Thanksgiving-turkey cards-GOBBLE

Christmas-gift cards-NAUGHTY

Winter-snowmen cards-MELT

Valentine's Day-heart cards-BROKEN
Ideas are only limited to your imagination!

What can you do at home? The letter tiles are available in the school/office supply section of most major retailers. You can create your own BANG! game for home. Also, point out letters in your day to day activities. Look at the letters of Menards, Lowes, Target and Walmart as you enter the store. At breakfast, check out the C in Cheerios, the T in Trix or the F in Froot Loops. You get the idea. Each day presents lots and lots of opportunities for letter recognition in your child's everyday world.