Monday, December 28, 2009

Lacing Cards

I do not buy lacing cards for our classroom. I have discovered that the children are more likely to lace if they can keep the lacing card instead of ripping out their hard work. Many opportunities are provided for children to lace which help develop those small motor skills. This month, we will also be lacing Styrofoam peanuts to hang from the ceiling in our room to look like snow which I have had my fill for the season. Time for spring!

For lacing cards, use yarn. To prevent the yarn from fraying and for easier lacing, dip the yarn in diluted glue (about an inch) and let dry for a 'needle'. Hole punch old Christmas cards (or any cute greeting card). Cut lacing cards out of cereal,Teddy Graham or fruit snack boxes (anything with fun pictures).

Lace cereal. Lace Cheerios or any type of O cereal (encourage patterns)and hang out for the birds. A yummy treat for feathered friends! It looks to be a long, cold and snowy winter. Stay warm and have fun with your little ones!

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